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Tuesday, September 22, 2015



Once upon a time in a beautiful ,
beautiful mountain town there lived a
farm family with two children...a girl and a boy.

They played in the fields and in the barns
 and in the pond and the pasture and had a great
great life, helping with the gardens,
feeding the chickens and milking the cows.

What a happy life!
All of a sudden  this changed one day when two garden fairy angels appeared to them and
said, "From now on,  you will be  given a test.  The kids at
school will bully you both, for reasons that you don't understand.
We will be there with you and will watch how you handle this unhappy situation.
 And remember, ask us for help and we will fly to your side and advise you, OK?"

The two children, Samantha and Miguel, looked into each other's puzzled eyes  and
wondered how their life would change.  " Don't be afraid Miguel,"said Samantha, "and
remember that the ANGEL FAIRES promised to help us. Lets climb our favorite tree and think about
how we will handle this new challenge."  The tree was close to the ground
and had a ladder next to it PLUS they had permission from their parents to
climb to the lowest branch so they wouldn't fall. They enjoyed their time there day after day
and would even do their homework in the tree.
Everything was fine and then six months later, school became very upsetting.
 They each were  being bullied a few times a week. Remembering that they had helpers, 
 they climbed their tree, and asked the FAIRIE ANGELS to come to them. "Help Help we need help!" 
Suddenly , two  small glittering light beings appeared. It was the Angels! As their friends got closer
the children saw the FAIRIE ANGELS' tiny faces, tiny wings, tiny angel hands, and they also noticed
that they were smiling. " We are so sad that we are being bullied , what should we do," said Miguel.
The angels said , "Don't worry, we can help you."Then both angels began to sing the following words.........
" Oh little girl and little boy,
listen to our song of joy.

Play with mother nature
 like a toy.
Breathe her air,
 it is so fair.
Climb her mountains,
 if you dare.
Be like a tree,
 so strong and free.
Birds come sing
 for you and me.
Be strong, children , be strong.
In this life
there is some wrong.
Be strong , children, be strong.
And if our heart is full of love,
we can forgive a bullys shove."

The children applauded and giggled with happiness. "Yay yay, now we know how to
love everyday.  Yay,yay we will love everyday."

From the distance the children heard,"Come home to eat, come home to eat."
"Angels, angels,  we have to go
but we'll see you here tomorrow" they said as they ran home through the fields of flowers.
 Ever since they heard that song,  they would ask the ANGLES  and the tree questions about life,
questions about the other kids at school and they told  MOTHER NATURE all of their problems.
This quiet and peaceful way of handling their stress was turning out to be wonderful,
restful, heart-warming and one day they went to school and the other kids treated
them so nicely...there was no bullying, no bad language, no negative comments,
no hitting, no name calling. It felt like something wonderful had happened.

To celebrate, they ate a special afternoon snack while reporting the good news to their MAGIC TREE , who said :
" You know those Angels that you did see ? They will always be!"

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