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Monday, April 9, 2012



The 157 books in this sculptural installation are from Montano's archive and have been hand wrapped, signed, numbered for easy reference (the numbers are on the outside of each book and the list of books included, corresponds to the numbered books) .There is also your private ART/LIFE CERTIFICATE, in each book which you can fill out only if you choose to take the wrapping off the book. The books are from Montano's college years,The College of New Rochelle; convent years:Maryknoll Sisters; graduate school years:Univ of Wisconsin Madison; and Italian Graduate School years at Villa Schifanoia. There are also family medical books and her mother's art books in the collection. Montano's clothes,made into ropes, bind each book and were used by Montano in her performance ,14 YEARS OF LIVING ART..... See www.LINDAMONTANO.COM
Montano used her free time while caring for her father , to bind these books ,and it became her art "work" for a year and a half.Feel free to give these books away as a tax-deductible "ART GIFT", or arrange the books in your space or a friend's home, find a new space for the 157 books each year or donate the installation to a non-profit if you wish.Contact Montano with your creative solutions to your investment in her art/life.lindamontano@hotmail.com
1.Pauline's Memories of the Madam on Clay Street,P Tabor,1971, Touchstone, 285pg. (Signed to Montano by Pauline Oliveros)
2. Gems of Poetry, Vol 2 and 3, 208pg.
3.Memoirs of a Geisha,A Golden, Vintage 1999,428pg.
4.Existentialist Thinkers and Thoughts, F Patka, Citadell Press, 1962,170pg.
5.The Shaping of Modern Thought,C Brinton,Spectrum,1950,336pg.
6.Art in Progress.15th Anniversary of MOMA,1944,255pg
7.Anyone Can Draw,A Zaidenberg,World Pub co,1939, 306 pg.
8.Heads From Life, W Foster,30pg.
9.Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle,Mus of Science and Industry, 32pg.
10.Book of Interior Decoration,E Halsey, Curtis Pub Co,1954, 237pg.
11.The Art Spirit, R Henri,Joh Hopkins Press, 1959, 284pg.
12.Philosophy IN A New Key,S Langer, Mentor,1951, 256pg.
13.American Book of the Dead, EJ Gold, Gateway Pub, 1974, 169pg.
14.The Birth,Death of the Sun,G Gamow, Mentor, 1940, 218pg.
15.Megatrends,J Naisbitt, Warner Bks,1982, 330pg.
16.Great Essays In Science,M Gardner,Pocket Bk,1957, 408pg.
17.Basic Photography, M Weisboro,Modern Camera Guide, 1959, 132pg.
18.Frontiers In American Catholicism, W Ong,Macmillan,1957, 124pg.
19.Four Steps Toward Modern Art, L Venturi,Columbia Univ Press, 1955,150pg.
20.How To Draw The Human Figure,Dell Pub, 1957, 140pg.
21.Individuals:Post-Movement Art IN American, A Sondheim,Dutton,1927, 316pg.
22.Nature,Knowledge And God,Bro Benignus,Bruce Pub, 1947, 659pg.
23. Fat Is A Feminist Issue,S Orbach, Berkeley Bks,1978, 200pg.
24.Religion And The Rise Of Western Culture,C Dawson,ImageBks, 1958, 242pg.
25.A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man,J Joyce, Signet, 1948, 199pg.
26.ARP-Sculptures, M Seuphor,Tudor Pub, 1964, 24pg.
27.Ideology And Co-Existence, F Buchman,Moral Re-Armament Press, 1934, 31pg.
28.Elements of Calculus,W Granville, Gim And Co, 1946, 546pg.
29. The Romance Of Chinese Writing,W Kong, Quon-Quon Press, 1943, 20pg.
30.World Of The Maya,V von Hagen,Mentor Bks,1960,224pg.
31.Elementary Oral And Written French,E Stack,Oxford Univ Press, 1959, 403pg.
32.Creative Intuition IN Art And Poetry,J Maritain, Meridian,1953, 336pg.
33.Kandinsky,C Doelman,Barnes & Noble, 1964, 90pg.
34. Modern Introduction To Metaphysics, Free Press of Glencoe, 1962, 731pg.
35.Joan Miro, M Bucci, Sadea/Sansoni,1968,95pg.
36.The Flood IN Florence, E Pucci,Bonechi EDitore, 1966,64pg.
37.Design Fundamentals, CJ Feldsted, Pitman Pub,1962, 163pg.
38.The Confessions Of Wanda von Sacheer Masoch,Research,1990,127pg.
39.Parabola Magazine,Hospitality Issue, Winter 1990.
40.The Age Of Ideology, Basic Writings:Kant, Marx,Mill, Spencer.Mentor Press,1956,27
41.Art Since 1945,H Read, Wash Sq Press, 1958, 336pg.
42.Il Dangelo de jesu Cristo,Gospel In Italian,1963, 463pg.
43.Ravenna , Guidebook,S Chierichetti,Moneta Press, 1964, 64pg.
44.Utne Reader Magazine, Relaiming Real Life, Summer, 1997,113pg.
45.Traffic Report, Highways Performance Space.
46.The Women's Movement, B Deckland, Harper and Row,1983, 500pg.
47.The Sculptural Program of Chartres Cathedral, A Katzenellenbogen,Jn Hopkins Press, '60,284pg.
48.The Medium Is The Message, M Mcluhan,Bantam,1967,277pg.
49. The Decline of Pleasure, W Kerr, Simon &Shuster,1962, 319pg.
50.Italian Painters of the Renaissance,B Berenson,Meridian Press, 1957, 340pg.
51.Le Terme Di Diocleziano, Inst Poligrafico Dello Stato, S Auriggemana, 176pg.
52. Guide To The Perfect Exposure, G&C Wright,Universal Photo Bks,'57,162pg.
53.An Intro To Philosophy, J Maritain,Sheed&Ward, '37, 272pg.
54.A SeperatePeace, Knowles, Dell,'59,256pg.
55.War And Peace in the Global Village, MMcLuhan,Bantam,1968,190pg.
56.See&Paint, A Guide To Picture Construction, G Russell, Winsor&Newton, '57,36pg
57.HumblePowers,P Horgan, Image Bks, '55,196pg.
58.Utopia,Sir T Moore,Wash Sq Press, '65,127pg.
59.The Odyssey,Homer, G Hight,Random House, '50.
60.The Etruscans, R Block, Thames& Hudson,'56,260pg.
61.The Roots Of The Reformation, K Adam, Sheed & Ward, '51, 95pg.
62. Living The Good Life, H&S Nearing, Schaken Bks, '54, 213pg.
63.Italian Short stories, R Trenelyan, Penguin, '65,197pg.
64.Spanish Dictionary, Pocket Books, 245pg.
65.An Introduction To Moral Theology, K Horman,New Man Press, '58,283pg.
66.I Promessi Sposi, A Manzoni, Premier World Classic, '62, 400pg.
67.New Artist's Video, G Battock,Dutton, '78,198pg.
68.Manual For Writers Of Term Papers, Theses, Dissertations,K Turbian, Pheonix Bks, '55,110pg.
69.Existentialism,V Martin,Thomist Press, '62, 48pg.
70.Introduction To The Bhagavad Gita,Prabhupada, 89pg.
70a. The Contemporary Arts, W Haas, Thomist Press, '65,48pg.
71.The Joy Of Drawing, G GOllwitzer, Sterling Pub, '65, 124pg.
72.The Autobiography Of Malcom X,Grove Press, "64, 460pg.
73.The Exorcism Of Page Thirteen, C Burtner, '93, Gates of Heck Pub, artists book,13p74.How To Draw ANd Paint Children,V French, 40pg.
75.Oil Painting, W Foster, 40pg.
76.Drawing The Figure, R Tredell,40pg.
77.Drawing, W Foster, 40pg.
78.Portrait In Oil, S Mackie, Walter Foster Pub, 40pg.
79.The Visual Dialogue, N Knobler, Holt Reinhart, Winston, '66,342pg.
80.Introductory College Math,WMilne,Ginn&Co,'65,420pg.
81.A Preface ToMetaphysics, J Maritain, Mentor Omega, '62,142pg.
82.The Diamond As Big As The Ritz, F S Fitzgerald,
83.The Fur Person, M Sarton, New Am Library, 127pg.
84.Another Country,J Bladwin,Dell, '62, 366pg.
85.Early Medieval Art, E Kitzinger, Indiana U Press, '40, 114pg.
86.Origin Of Life, AI Oparian, Dover Pub, '38, 266pg.
87.Contemporary Philosophy, R Borzaga,Brice Pub Co, '66,290pg.
88.How To Know French Antiques, R Constantino, Signet Key Press, '61,256pg.
89.How To Know Non Flowering Plants,Golden Press, '67,160pg.
90.Concise Catholic Dictionary, Cathechetical Guild, R Broderick,'43,399pg.
91.Cancer And Consciousness,B Bryant,Sigo press, '90,288pg.
92.How To Get Out Of Vietnam, J Galbraith, New American Library,'67,47pg.
93.Zen Driving, KT Berger, Ballantine Books, '88,164pg.
94.Report To Greco, N Kazantzakis,Bantam,Simon & Shuster,'65,485pg.
95.Art&Reality,J Cary,Anchor Bks, '61, 199pg.
96.University Physics, A Wesley, Stars&Zamansky, '55,435pg.
97.Aesthetics And Philosophy Of Art Criticism,J Stolmitz, Riverside Press, '60,503pg.
98. A Place On Earth, G Frostic, Artist's Book.
99.Art Through The Ages, H Gardner,Harcourt Brace,'59,817pg.
100.Hymm Of The Universe, P Chardin, Harper, '61,158pg.
101.Metropolitan Opera Libretto, Carmen.
102.Experiments In General Chemistry, WB King,,Prentice Hall, '55,146pg.
103.Christ As Prophet And King, J ferman,Jesuit Ed Assoc, '52, 307pg.
104.Biblioteca Moderna Moda Dori, Lpirandello,A Mondadori Ed, '62,152pg.
105.Play Production, MSmith, Appleton-Century-Craqfts,'48,482pg.
106.Ideas And Integreties, B Fuller,Collier Bks,'63, 318pg.
107.College Zoology, Hegner/Stiles,Macmillan,'51,890pg.
108.We Don't Die,J Martin/P Romanowski, Putnam,'88,298pg.
109.Pompei, Guidebook In Italian.
110.Franz Shubert Mass Libretto, Ed Marks Pub Co,40pg.
111.Norton Anthology Of EnglishLiterature, AbramsEd,Norton Co,'62,2033pg.
112.Giovanni'sRoom,J Bladwin,Dell, '56,224pg.
113.The Tale Of Gengi,Lady Murasaki, Doubleday,'55,253pg.
114.The Good Earth, PBuck, Pocket, '58,260pg.
115.The Opera Reader, L Biancolli, Grossett&Dunlap,678pg.
116.A Death In Zamora, R Sender Barayon,Univ Of Mexico Press, '89,196pg.
117.The Scarlet Letter, N Hawthorne,Rinehart&Co, '59,251pg.
118.A Walk Across America, PJenkins, Lion Paperback, '79, 320pg.
119.The Exorcist, W Blatty, Bantam,'71,403pg.
120.The Best Of Saki, G Greene,50pg.
121.Elements of Biology, Mcgraw-Hill,1961,485pg.
122.American Composition and Rheteric,D Davidson,Scribners,723pg.
124.Physics,H Semant,RheinhartCo,'58,955pg.
125.Three Continents,R Jhabvala,W Morrow Co,'87,312pg.
126.Calculus&Analytical Geometry,G Thomas,Addison Welsey,'53,725pg.
127.The ABC'S of Modern Catechetics, J Hofinger, Sadler,'62,118pg.
128.Basic Psychiatric Concepts in Nursing, C Hoffling,JPLippincott, '60,539pg.
129.The Gothic Image, E Male,Harper, '58,412pg.
130.Perverse Spectators, J Staiger, NYU Press, 2000,242pg.
131.Plastics As An Art Form,T N Chilton,'64,338pg.
132.Religious Art, E Male, Noonday,'49,208pg.
133.French-English Dictionary,Washington Square Press, '54,260pg.
134.Essentials of American Government,F Ogg, Appleton Century, '52,775pg.
135.College Chemistry, P Frey, Prentice Hall, '52,652pg.
136.Quarterly review of biology, American Societyof Naturalists,'70,725pg.
137.College Algebra, Macmillan,'55,371pg.
138.On Christian Marriage, Encyclical,Pope Pius 11.
139.A Textbook of OralPathology,Shafer-Hine-Levy,Saunders Co, '63,765pg.
140.The Science of DentalMaterials,Skinner-Phillips,B Saunders Co, '60,630pg.
141.Main Street,Harcout Brace,'23,451pg.
142.Revolution At Berkeley,M Mills, S Gilmore, LaurelPress, '65,348pg.
143.Organic Chemistry,Boorde, Brode&Bossert,J Wiley & Sons,'59, 314pg.
144.Ben Hur,550pg.
145.Pictures To Be Read, Poetry To Be Seen, Museum Of Contempory Art Catalogue,'67.
146.Four Stages of Renaissance Style.
147.Gary Kuehn Catalogue.Milwaukee Art center.
148.History of Art,JA Vincent, Barnes&Noble,290pg.
149.Basic Design,M Sausmarez, rheinhold,'64,95pg.
150.Meaning In The Visual Arts,E Panofsky, Doubleday,'55,364pg.
151.Les Chemins De La Fer,F Mauriac,Heath Publishing, '53,186pg.
152.Art As Image And Idea, E Feldman,Prentice, '67,512pg.
153.Composition, H Sternberg,Pitman,'58,100pg.
154.Design And Expression In The VisualArts,J Taylor, Dover, '64,245pg.
155.The Very Reverend Mother Mary Of The PassionT Cullen,Franciscan Pub367pg.
156.Great SHort Biographies of Modern Times,B Clarke,A&C Boni, '28,1404pg.
157. YOUR ASTRAL BOOK, INVISIBLE PRESS, 817847846769476986476pg.>>>>>>>

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