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Thursday, March 5, 2015



Hi Linda!!

I finally found this email that you sent to me  - sorry I didn't notice it sooner! And thank you so much for all the information!

Wow, this is really happening! Annie wrote to me probably a few years ago about buying your building - and here it is - happening!

I hope you like my plans for the lovely building and if there is anything you are uncomfortable with (be sure to tell me!)

I would like to name call the building "Linda Montano's Art/Life Institute" and would like to create month-long residencies for Performance Artists to live in the space and work, think, relax, live. I only ask that they interact with the community and host a dinner before they leave for the people they have met. I also would like to host The Gray one on the first floor, perhaps once or twice a month? I'm not sure because I don't want to bother the resident artists too much, so we'll see how it goes.

Wow! This is wonderful and amazing! You are such a wonderful artist! and you have influenced so many people and we all respect you so much - I am really honored to know you, and I am truly amazed that I am somehow able to be a part of your additions to performance art and life.

Thank you so much Linda Montano!

We love you!

: )) Jill


I could not be  HAPPIER having you and Hoke nurture the Art/Life Institute. And I share the same spirit of carefulness, hoping that the physical building is kind to you and becomes a friend who gives you ease and positive maintenance experiences.

You are my friend and daughter and I have such high regards for you and your vision and it is EXACTLY WHAT THE INSTITUTE NEEDS... Your loving care and concern and love.
In reading a Tibetan Buddhist text once, it was said, things are often INCARNATED LAMAS  come back to do more "seva" service and spiritual work.
I see THE ART/LIFE INSTITUTE as this, an incarnated holy being, beyond stuff and matter and building and materials.  A place that was empty when I bought it in 1989, and a place that I told my mother who had died a year before, "Mom, I don't know how to cry but I can sweat by putting all of my feelings for you into this abandoned building. I will make it a labor of love and healing."

So the building became a love nest, a performance space, a clinic, a meditation center, an oasis, a dreamland, a place where I made built in furniture and where Tehching Hsieh plastered the walls like sky, a place where I made sky in the bedrooms and worked on every inch of the physical body of the building, a place where I woke to my inner feeling-self,it was  a workshop center, a place where friends performed and rehearsed, a place where we danced and sang, a place where I retreated to and received healing treatments in and gave healings to others as well. It also became an ashram named after and dedicated to my second Mother and spiritual teacher, DR. ARUNA MEHTA. So on the back door is also a sign saying: THE ARUNAPREMA ASHRAM. I have not yet received an inner message to see if I need to bring that sign to Saugerties or not so I leave it and the guardian mask there, in the patio outside until I know what to do about them. I hope that is ok with you. I gift to you the two portraits from 14 YEARS OF LVING ART. And the brown lazy boy chair needs some cleaning but please keep that chair because it was my father's chair and has a very deep history which I will tell you some day. Thanks...It needs some TLC.
 For the past seven years, as I became a Eucharistic Minister at the Kingston Jail, meeting with women in the jail every Sunday for a service, I would stay at the ART/LIFE INSTITUTE.   I lived there as if going to camp, without water and heat and I LOVED LOVED LOVED every second of that...using a heating blanket on my bed and camping out like a nomad.

And then, I received the message that I had to do something with the ARCHIVE and found that I had 150 boxes of PAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND PERFORMANCE OBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND ETC there, all of them nesting in various places . Without my even realizing it, the building became the relic-holder of my things. Once the archive went to NYU, the ART/LIFE INSTITUTE said, "We need to change our relationship, Linda. I am ready for something new." This was not easy for me because of our love-affair, but I had to honor my heart wishes and so now this new wonderful birth with you had happened.
I am filling you in on some history which is not chronological but I need to sketch this out as a goodbye-hello letter.
 Since 2002, it was  no longer my live-in  home because  I transferred to Saugerties to take care of my father for 7 years, 3 of them 24-7 in his home in Saugerties,  which I then stayed in when he died.
 Before that, during my 7 years at The University of Texas Austin, I would rent the Institute for the school year and then live there in the summer.
 Saugerties is NOW the place where I do early child family healing and somehow, although I have this LOVE AFFAIR with KINGSTON ART/LIFE INSTITUTE,  my karma is keeping me here in Saugerties, eventhough Kingston wd be so much easier because smaller, easier to  maintain etc.

But I listen to my inner language and so here it is:
as of today, February 28, 2015, and thanks to magical art-doula matchmaker, ANNIE SPRINKLE:

 THE LINDA MARY MONTANO: KINGSTON, ART/LIFE INSTITUTE     ( or something like that, whatever you think best)

 I totally appreciate and endorse and applaud and vote for and cant wait to experience your plans for this divine being  who has come back as a place that nurtures art and life via your caring and careful and loving vision and joy. I ask this BUILDING OF LOVE to be a good friend, function beautifully, play kindly with issues of water/sewer/snow ploughing/taxes so that she can continue to SHINE AND BLESS ALL WHO ENTER HER SACRED DOORS OR THINK OF HER DIVINE PRESENCE.
Linda Mary Montano
February 28, 2015


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