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Thursday, May 3, 2012



  1. Bring your attention to your first chakra at the perinium. Bring peace to all of your earth, food, money, car, insurance, computer and property issues. Baptize yourself anew and live inwardly ,peacefull on a minute to minute, daily basis.

2. Bring peace to your second chakra, the relationship and sex center. Bring peace to all past present and future sexual events along with forgiveness. The sacrament of Communion can be participated in or imagined and this level of sacredness can now be felt in all transactions.

3. Bring peace to the third chakra the warrior center. Let the adrenals be at peace and the guts be in harmony as well as the 22 feet of intestines.The Holy Spirit, through Confirmation, bestows even greater energy on all daily actions and gives perseverance and courage to do the right thing always.

4. Bring peace to the heart center, the fourth chakra. Let all rooms of the heart be balanced and working beautifully and empty of old issues that are irrelevant and limiting. Marriage to the yin/yang the right and left brain the male and female within brings an ecstasy that is palpable.

 5. Bring peace to the fifth center, the throat chakra. Let the thyroid be perfect and the communication skills benefit from this peace. All boundaries are spoken of, all communications are forthright. Confession of any sins or transgressions are made as soon as possible to the priest or the friend so that the soul sparkles in unencumbered freedom of expression and contentment. Nothing more need be done except to bask in that purity of spirit.

6. Bring peace and attention to the sixth center, the third eye. Vision is principled and the mission statement is responsible and of service to all as well as self-nourishing. We Ordain ourselves to our highest life purpose as if only a short time were left of this earhtly life.

7. Bring peace and attention to the top of the head. The seventh center radiates with energy and light and the pituitary gland is well. The brain is in aroma-heaven with the smell of thousands of flowers. We receive Extreme Unction, the sacrament of the dying to prepare for the daily dying in prayer and meditation. Always prepared, and in ecstatic presence we share our news with all.

P.S.:Caroline Myss made the connections between the Chakras and Sacraments and the Kaballah.I truly thank her for this theological breakthrough.

 Linda M Montano, September, 2001


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