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Tuesday, June 10, 2014



Once upon a time there was  a very small little girl. She was born premature in a forest hospital and had to have a moss box made for her to live in and be fed in and she never needed diapers because the moss absorbed her pee.

Her mother had a garden and her father made furniture from the big trees surrounding her home which was a  small forest cave at the bottom of a hill in this fecund forest of big, big, big trees. Pee-girl was so open-eyed and small and backwards that she never even imagined that when it rained those big, big trees lost roots and ground and wanted to come tumbling down right on her head.

Pee girl lived in an atmosphere of danger like a blindfolded duck walking on a super highway at 6pm. Playing and smiling and singing and making believe was her ticket for happiness. So when the big tree person came down the hill from their castle one day and said, "There is a big, big tree that might fall on your cave, can we come to your cave grounds with our horses and pull It down"?  "Sure, she said, come on, bring your horses and pull it down. Good" . They never came.

One stormy, windy, cool, rainy, volcanic, tornado, hurricane-like night, that same big, big bigger tree fell right on the roof of the cave and a guest was there sleeping and snoring and dreaming and she sat up in her bed to see a big, big tree coming through the cave roof. HELP! HELP! HELP! She screamed, running into the corner, calling the vultures who brought raccoons, snakes, owls and other bacteria to the scared renter's side. "Don't worry renter-girl, you didn't get hit by that big, big  tree, you are fine. Call the little pee girl's father, he can fix everything." So the renter called the father who called the little pee girl who was visiting a lake in another village and the pee girl said, "Oh father, I am so, so, so, sad. Please do what you can do to fix what pee girl cant fix, OK? Big father, I don't know how to do anything. Send me some moss, ok? That's the only thing that makes me really happy."

Pee girl's father did a beautiful job of fixing the mess even though he was old and bent and in very, very poor health himself and all was silent at the top of the hill where the big castle-tree people lived. Pee girl wanted to hide in her far away lake trailer and not face the music or in this case, the static,  but she rode back home on her pink pony and called up to the hill, "HELP, HELP big tree people. I'm peeing-scared and we  need help! Old father is pale and shaking with worry and I need more and more moss to soak up my pee because I'm scared and  don't know how to fix all of the tree dance problems: the scared renter's shakiness, the old father's confusion, the camel people who want to fix the roof, the 1000 thousand other big branch questions, the roof-fixers,  the money people, the people who measure and walk around the moss yard and talk about big tree scars. HELP, HELP, this is the tree you said would fall and it did. It almost squashed the scared renter right on her head!!! HELP big tree people!!"

Nothing. All was nothing in the up-hill castle.

Vultures visited and shook pee-girl into order and all went back to not normal and the big, big tree people stayed silent and never ever, ever , ever showed their face-voice. Pee-girl buried stones of sadness and regret and much to her horror, anger in room 3 of her heart . Time passed and she paid many people fresh vegetable barters to help her look at the big, big tree heart-anger-stones that were eating at her day and night. Nothing really helped. Except time.

Yes, time helped her see how SHE let big, big trees fall on friends over the years. Maybe she was a tree faller as well, she thought. That helped. She said, "I'm not so good with my own big, big listing and falling life-trees and I have let my falling and listing trees hurt people too, right? I even caused poison ivy, I'm sure. I thought the castle people were wrong but so am I."" 

That thinking helped soothe grey memories while she soaked in mountain hot springs but then one day when she was old and bent and listing herself and moss pee dripped down arthritic legs, she walked outside the cave, looked up the big, big tree people's castle-hill and saw ANOTHER  big, big tree leaning and showing roots. "Vultures, vultures, roots are showing, roots are showing, roots are showing. I'm so scared it will happen again. Big father isn't here to help me and pink pony might get hit if she is eating breakfast under this big, big tree when it falls. Help, I need moss and more moss to soak up my fear!!!"

Vultures, chickens, snakes and  ponies met with pee-girl inside the cave. "Guess what, the big, big tree dance is back. What are you going to do this time?" Pee girl lay on her moss matt and asked her Chicken mind what to do and she did it and to make a very long story short, now the most beautiful, aromatic, gentle, forest-like air floats in and out of the empty cave and if you and your pony are riding past , look real closely, on the third sixth and seventh of each month, a vulture or chicken can often be seen circling the moss.

Linda Mary Montano May 1, 2014

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