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Friday, March 2, 2012



Once upon a time there were 6 angry and upset girls,that lived in the land of the CRAZY HEADS. Their names were LOUD LUCY,ANGRY AMBER, UPSET ANN, RAGING ROXANNE ,CRANKY CRYSTAL AND MEAN MARISSA.Each one of them had an individual problem:
LOUD LUCY worried about her weight.
ANGRY AMBER was angry because none of the boys liked her.
UPSET ANN felt like she wasnt popular
RAGING ROXANNE was mad about her physical appearance
CRANKY CRYSTAL was always upset with her overcontrolling mom
MEAN MARISSA felt like she could never get a boyfriend
But suddenly at their school they saw a bulletin for an anger management class.
LOUD LUCY said I really dont want to go,
 ANGRY AMBER said, Im not angry ,im not going.
RAGING ROXANNE said,how is that going to make me less angry?
CRANKY CRYSTAL my mom needs the anger class, not me.
But MEAN MARISSA acted differently and said,
Oh Come on, let's go to it and see what we can learn.
So they all went to the anger management class and each one of them learned something new.
LOUD LUCY, who shouted when she got angry said, "I learned something, I will not yell back if somebody makes me angry. I will count to 5 and remain calm." All of them shouted with approval, YAHHHHHYYYYYY!
ANGRY AMBER said, "Im glad that I came to the movie, I learned that when I am angry, I can walk away and think about it and not react." They all cheered for AMBER YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
UPSET ANN said, "Im glad that I came to the anger meeting, I learned that I can write my angry feelings in my journal and then I feel understood. " All cheered YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for ANN.
RAGING ROXANNE said, "Im glad that I came to the anger movie because I learned that I can go and play a game when I am angry instead of staying in an angry , mad mood." All cheered YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for Roxanne.
CRANKY CRYSTAL said,"Im glad that I came to the anger movie because I learned that I can say positive words to myself when I feel angry and this changes my mind from negative to positive. " All cheered YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for CRYSTAL.
MEAN MARISSA siad, "Im proud of myself for getting us all together to watch this movie, now let's change our names from negative ones to positive ones.
LOUD LUCY said, Good , now my name is LAUGHY LUCY and because im controlling my anger, im not upset about my weight anymore.YAYYYYYYYYYYYY
ANGRY AMBER said, my new name is AWESOME AMBER and because im not angry all the time, both boys and girls like me more. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
UPSET ANN said, my new name is UNIQUE ANN and because im not angry all the time, im popular in my own eyes and now other people like me more.YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
RAGING ROXANNE said, ny new name is RESPECTFULL ROXANNE and now that I smile more often, i see that my physical appearance is actually pleasant and people smile back at me .YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
CRANKY CRYSTAL said, my new name is CARING CRYSTAL and now my mom and i are learning how to communicate and not be so angry with each other. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
MEAN MARISSA said, my new name is MAGNIFICENT MARISSA and I have all kinds of good friends now/ I dont worry about being left out because everybody likes a compassionate person and not an angry one and I am learning how to be loving to myself and everyone else." YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
All 6 girls did a friendship dance and made a promise to work on positive feelings by reminding each other to practice new positive behavior. No longer did they want to hang out in the world of the CRAZY HEADS. Instead they lived in the land of peace and joy and with new understandings of their moods and responses.YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
This is the beginning of lives of hope and peace positive possibilities. And they all cheered 3 times: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
The End.


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