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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For numerous reasons too numerous to mention, I GOT torticollis about 3 years ago. At first I thought I needed an exorcism because I would go to church in the morning and my head would swivel to the left and having just seen the Exorcist movie for the first time a few months before, I was sure this was IT, I WAS POSSESSED!!

Ok, detective that I am, I sought out the local exorcist,(we met at Burger King because I was too freaked out to meet in private, thinking I might froth at the mouth or something like that), and he assured me that I was not possesed..Ok I had taken Zoloft for depression after my dad's death and fixed 3 ceilings and had a few real blows to my head in the past,edited my book online etc...the list goes on but here it was...the damage was done and I was spasming like a shrimp out of water!

I went on a botox study after having seen a neurologist who made an AMA , not spiritual diagnosis, and said those NEW WORDS to me, "You have ....D...Y...S...T...O...N....I...A" So I started going online 24-7,stayed out of sight, ran in and out of church, didnt eat in public, left the library with my collar on and head tucked in, spasmed in movies ,NEVER acted as if anything was wrong, and used my trick to keep my head straight(hmmmmmmmmmm) And great things happened especially the one where I was picked up by the police for ...."using a cell phone while driving"".........and of course I said,"Officer, Im only doing my trick!"

Artist that I am, I then thought how can I use this???I made videotapes with the Exorcist, and now have an incredible teaching on that subject, got close to my Dr brother and family, seeking their understanding , and thought about ARTIST FOR DYSTONIA events I could organize.

And yes, Howard talked me through BOTOX 101 and now it seems that the picture you are seeing of me is no longer accurate because , without my collar on, my head would be touching my back and not turn to the side and I am spasm free almost.....(hmmmmmmmm I expected perfection from those needles but am 71% better.)

I was spasming too much to get on a plane to go to Abbie's Clinic in Santa Fe but am doing it correspondence with the video and book and it is helping so much. I quit the gym and am learning how to really USE MY NECK before I get back to that world.
Generally speaking......going to 28397489278947 healing meetings a week and all of the above have opened a new door and am a believer that GOD IS THE LIFTER OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May all ST people unite and make creative life from this strange visitor, D....Y....S...T....O....N....I...A...


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