The  Progress Center for Black Women is the legacy Founder Sabrina Madison wants to build for the greater Dane County area. It brings all her work under one roof, quite literally, and represents a long-term commitment toward the progress of Black women and families.

The Center is currently fundraising to create unique programming and a center where Black women and their families can access resources, attend events and forge connections that will foster personal transformation, eventually transforming the community as a whole.

The center will house a computer lab for access and learning, a community kitchen for cooking lessons and experimenting, a library and bookstore to offer business resources as well leisure reading with a focus on Black authors and a community room where people can test out their poetry, plays or other theatrical endeavors.

Sabrina wants the space to be comfortable, approachable and allow the community to have a sense of ownership of the space.


  • Our Mission

    To build and design an innovative center that serves as a hub of community, connections, valued experiences and opportunities for Black women to transform their lives and families.

  • Our Vision

    To create more powerful communities of Black women who are leaders, doers, and owners.

  • Our Approach

    We embrace author bell hooks’ definition of love, “love is a combination of six ingredients: care, commitment, knowledge, responsibility, respect and trust”. We strongly believe that embracing a love ethic is integral in doing the transformative work to empower Black women and restore families.

  • We Center Black Women & Families

    Through her own personal experiences and those shared from many other Black women, our founder began to notice disheartening patterns.  Many Black women were not feeling supported in professional spaces across Dane County, they often found themselves having increased stress when seeking out resources, and there weren’t culturally relevant programming to meet the needs of their families.  As a result, and because a large number of households are led by single Black women, we put Black women and families at the center of our work so as to offer valued experiences and opportunities. To us, “family” may also include fathers, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, children, and friends.

  • We Follow Black Women

    Founded by a Black woman, we firmly believe that Black women know what’s good for Black women. Not only are Black women the fastest growing group of female entrepreneurs, but they also shift the culture, set trends, embrace innovation, and drive economic gains among many other ways they lead.  What we do reflects the empowering spirit of #BlackGirlMagic.