The Self-Care Mini-Grant has one goal: Give money to Black women who are seeking self-care.

Our Why?

We’ve provided financial support to Black women across Dane County for their rent, bills, groceries, professional development, and transportation needs since 2018. What’s remained consistent is that the women we helped often would not ask for help to provide extra care for themselves. On average it took them about one week to create a list of what they’d like for themselves if everything else such as bills and food were taken care of. Most of what they shared with us would cost less than $100. Examples included a new comforter, hair products, new underwear, body wash, fresh vs frozen fruit, and dinner out with their kids. We know $100 isn’t a lot of money, what we hope is that it’ll give Black women the opportunity to take care of some of their self-care needs. Please be sure to read over the FAQ’s below before applying.