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Laboratory Analysis of Kratom Products for Heavy Metals

FDA conducted laboratory testing of 30 different kratom products from a variety of sources to determine if they contain heavy metals. The analysis found significant levels of lead and nickel at concentrations that exceed safe exposure for oral daily drug intake.

Based on reported kratom usage patterns, heavy kratom users may be exposed to levels of lead and nickel many times greater than the safe daily exposure, as referenced in Appendix 2 of the Q3D Elemental Impurities Guidance for Industry.

Based on these test results, the typical long-term kratom user could potentially develop heavy metal poisoning, which could include nervous system or kidney damage, anemia, high blood pressure, and/or increased risk of certain cancers.

The following table highlights FDA’s laboratory data:

ProductSourceNickel* (ng/g)Lead* (ng/g)
Red Teasoapkorner.comSub 1: 1070
Sub 2: 1110
Sub 1: 477
Sub 2 :478
Raw Organics Red Maeng Da4aceswholesale.com3800615
Raw Organics White Maeng Da4aceswholesale.com8670398
Red Maeng Daphytoextractum.com1780904
White Maeng Daphytoextractum.com2030402
Red Maeng Dakrakenkratom.com2210382
White Maeng Dakrakenkratom.com1830**485
Red Borneokrakenkratom.com1570574
Red Maeng Dabuykratombulkusa.com3830305
White Maeng Dabuykratombulkusa.com2570332
Red Borneobuykratombulkusa.com3166333
TomTea Private Reserve Maeng DaMood & Mind LLC9020847
Maeng Da Red/Green BlendMood & Mind LLC3020530
5-strain sample pack
(Containing Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da,
Green Maeng Da, White Borneo,
and White Maeng Da)
Gaia EthnobotanicalsSub 1: 4700
Sub 2: 5100
Sub 3: 4400
Sub 4: 4700
Sub 5: 2890
Sub 1: 584
Sub 2: 460
Sub 3: 790
Sub 4: 550
Sub 5: 2700
Krave Botanicals – Maeng DaAshlynn Marketing Group Inc.2260320
Krave Botanicals – GoldAshlynn Marketing Group Inc.10000510
Red Hot Hippo Maeng Da RedHappy Hippo LLC1990770
RockStar Hippo Maeng Da WhiteHappy Hippo LLC26801400
Sunshine Hippo Maeng Da GoldHappy Hippo LLC1360406
White Maeng DaBeaufort Kratom LLC2390490
Red Maeng DaBeaufort Kratom LLC44001010
White Maeng Da LiquidFront Range Kratom690Not detected above 200 ng/g
Red Maeng Da LiquidFront Range Kratom576Not detected above 200 ng/g
Red BaliFront Range Kratom10700352
Maeng DaKratom Spot20100438
Red Vein SumatraKratom SpotSub 1: 22600
Sub 2: 29000
Sub 1: 687
Sub 2: 777
White Vein KratomSunstone Organics LLC3680307
Red Vein KratomSunstone Organics LLC3220424
Green Vein KratomSunstone Organics LLC5720252
Maeng Da KratomSunstone Organics LLC10601200

* Calculated as average amount from 3 tests of same product unless otherwise noted
**n=2, semi-quantitative

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