Does your government say that they want to help stop climate change?

If so, as a first step, they should stop funding it.

Join the 'twitterstorm' today to tell them so!

This year, governments worldwide will spend nearly US$1 trillion to prop up the consumption and production of fossil fuels. Yes - that is $1 trillion of taxpayers' money, being channelled into the wallets of the wealthiest corporations on earth.

If, like us, you think that's a bad idea, and if you're on twitter, jump online and join the 'twitterstorm' - led by our friends at Together, we will call on the politicians gathering this week at the Rio+20 'Earth Summit', to #EndFossilFuelSubsidies!

Our friends at Oil Change International have compiled great resources on fossil fuel subsidies. Check out their infographic showing how the annual $1 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies worldwide are broken down.

You can also check out this briefing paper describing how fossil fuel consumption subsidies actually end up benefiting the upper and middle class in developing countries, instead of the poorest people who the policies are supposed to support. The paper outlines what a better policy framework would look like.